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5 Practical Steps to Take When Your Employee Passes Away


Few businesses plan how to handle the death of their employees, but it could happen at any time. If it does, you'll need to focus on how to help co-workers and supervisors or clients through this difficult time. But as an employer, you're also responsible for a few practical steps to keep your business running and help your employee's loved ones.

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Costly Payroll Tax Mistakes


Payroll and taxes demand exact calculations. Read this blog to learn about some mistakes you should be sure to avoid with your company’s payroll.

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4 Reasons Small Businesses Need to Hire an Accountant


Starting a small business is a labor of love. The path to entrepreneurship is expensive and physically and mentally demanding. Given the sacrifices, new business owners often take a parent-like approach to their business, in that, they try to handle every facet of the operation on their own, including finances.

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